Econimcally, I'm a legend

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Author Evil_Sire
Tags action author:evil_sire rated
Created 2008-09-27
Last Modified 2008-09-27
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Please RCE! This took hours!!

It was a bloomin nuiscance, have a laugh

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Awesome tiles + gameplay. 5

i like the

tiles alot

holy cow,

riobe didn't rce this map. kinda scary...i'm beginning to worry.

amazing tile

love it 5

very fun

the titleset was amazing too

check out some of my maps
The most important ones being:

A: To help the flow and provide fun yet challenging gameplay
B: To provide sutiable places for gausses so that they can kill you :)
C: To look cool
D: To sometimes provide you with a safehaven
is because the tileset is based around the gameplay, rather than the other way around. I hope. God knows thats made my maps better.

Fun fun

easy up till the chaingun part. I liked it.

Personally I think this deserves some feedback: imo its the best map hes made since his first.

Hey Evil Sire

Can you look at my last map? It got sniped :(



Heh heh heh

Well thought out and a joy to play. Love the tiles too, although some sections are deceptively difficult. 4.



just liking one part is good

thanks for the rating
although i didn't play the rest of the map.