Part 9: Stocks

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun medium-hard playable race rated rrs
Created 2008-09-28
Last Modified 2008-09-28
by 15 people.
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Description I'll join da_man in the spotlight. =)

Two things, first, the next map in the series is the last, unfortunately. I have many concepts I have to work on that I may forget wile working on these, and the last one should hopefully match up to the rest, if not better.

And lastly, if you can't double jump off of bounceblocks, don't bother playing this.

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one of your best races. 5aved

can u tell me if i make it through to next round in conceptual map contest? my forum account has been banned for some reason...?
ty :D

I think

I did it the wrong way
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didn't like the

bounce block thing that much..
though many people do and its not omething you see in races usually

in my first go i had a bit of trouble with the flow but as i first got into it the rocket became very hazardous
and not to mention very annyoyin
so just saying when i started of on the map (not anymore) i had a lot of problems with the rocket
otherwise its pretty good


how do u make in ur profile that u can click on things answer in one of my maps

Advice is really

What I'm looking for. Thanks. =)

Missed a gold

in top right.

Okay, what can i say? Genius. Awesome. Inventive (even if not new). I loved the bounceblocks and the odd flow route that they added to the race - the bottom thwumps were another stroke of genius, too. How you managed to keep them symetrical and aesthetically pleasing with such intricate timing is truly remarkable. Tiles were nice, could have been a little better, perhaps. I think gold placement was a bit clustered, what you did with it was nice, but only focused in a few areas - try to spread it a little more evenly around the course.

Demo Data
esecially liked the top left.
But I think that since it's not that basic kind of generic flow that I used to do all the time, and it's pulling away from the loops and curves that they're used to, that it's not good, and it doesn't have "flow".

going back to this

now that i look at the doors, meh. but the flow was nothing short of awesome.

some people...
Play my old races. =P


It's not the basic loops and curves I used to have?

Well, I stick by this.


i didn't like the flow that much

strange map

i didnt like the flow


I like races with bounceblocks
Demo Data

missed a gold

yeah. I think this is good except

- Gold is ugly and poorly positioned (could've put some gold under that top left bounce block - would've looked/being cool

- doors look horrendous

- flow is dubious in areas

but otherwise, i liked the shifts in momentum created by the bounce blocks and the tiles were decent.

Demo Data

very good!

4/5. Bounce blocks slowed the flow, but they provide some excitement so +1

very well executed

5aved. fun.


lols, ok then. =)


i was referring to the top and top left. i was referring to the bottom when i said innovative.


love it


Don't you mean "1" part which is the bottom left which actually isn't very dda like anyway since I added the mine.
but i do like the innovative flow. it was fun. 4.1/5
Not even an AGD...
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Hence the "medium-hard" tag.


Im not that fast. You have to be pretty much that fast to complete it. 4. Difficulty is much too hard. My demo, just a bit slower to top, and the rocket kills you.
Demo Data

Not necessarily new

But combined, bringing out the best aspects of my races so far up until this point. I'll be experimenting with a few different concepts in Ned, and it will take a while, but it will be great, I hope.
have to be able to double jump off of bounceblocks to be able to do this. but the race, was really fun. I look forward to seeing some new concepts. 4/5


srry, didnt refresh




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