Esquire Ensure Endeavor

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Author yungerkid
Tags action author:yungerkid endeavor ensure esquire playable rated
Created 2008-09-28
Last Modified 2008-09-28
by 25 people.
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Description Problem: i am absolutely *horrible* at the n game.

Solution: make maps that are at my skill level.

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3.5 up. didn't like the left side.
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sorry, a little to simple... and not the good kind... 3/5




my style has changed. at one point, it was a very minimalistic style, focused on tileset motifs. now, it is focused entirely on gameplay, with very excessive gold. imho, my first style was better, but i can't seem to switch back :/

Riobe is right.

But, about the map, I like it. But the upper gold is a little bit out of the theme. I liked the left gold though. Great. 4aved.



I guess you can start it. just pm me.
4/5. Flow issues!!!


oh yes. oh flipping YES. a sixth collab. do you want to start it? or should i?

@PALEMOON: by deal you mean making maps at my own level? glad you like it.

1st try

we should make an action collab. you want to? 4/5
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