Forced Into a Bad Decision

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action agd author:guitar_hero_matt gtmspecial rated rockets
Created 2008-09-28
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 19 people.
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Description By someone you dont know. And his friends. Very metaphorical action, slightly intense, but meh. RCE

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It was fun dodging the rockets but it would've been better to add variety and not just rockets IMO :/

end was fun but...

the beggging of this level is a little laggy, but once you get out its awsome and action packed :) 4/5

Beginning was slightly ruined by rocket lag (sometimes the third fires early, sometimes late...) but once you get outside its great fun.
great tiles great gameplay great item placement 5


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died about 5 times right b4 the exit from the last rocket after having done all gold b4 i managed it.. phew.. =]
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Your best map yet. You should try an old school rocket dodging map, if you know what I mean.


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... weird. I don't know why I said that or capitalized it. I guess it's just... true?
anyways, the gameplay in this took a little getting used to before I liked it. But THEN I realized you had jump-pads and I was like, Oh Sh-nap.
I think this is gonna be a 4aved.
Almost AGD! That last clump is a bitch.
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AGD -4

This is really hard but lots of fun. 4/5
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posting this just cos of an awesome close call wid 2 rockets at one point.. =p
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somehow i get the feeling that this kind of thing happens wid me only..
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there was a point where I had three rockets surrounding me...4.5^

The most troubling thing was the three slanted blocks with the gold.


so close to that elusive agd.. just couldnt get that last bunch..

awesome map.. best rocket dodging action i have seen in a long time.. 5aved!
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I liked the double rocket action 4

This is cool.

I like the start the most. 4/5


this MIGHT be featured... if it gains popularity.
wonderful map. 5/5


The gold was just there as an extra challenge, altho by the sounds of things it might not have been needed :P
There is too much gold for me though =) But i liked the tiles a lot as well as enemy placement and switch placement . . 4/5
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remote likes

remote likes alot.

But then I realised that the gold fit into the flow quite well and produced some nice close calls, so I thought Id keep it that way.


a bit too much gold though
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