Part I: Guarded Fortress

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player ep-mappack ep-riobe metanet-ish rated riobe
Created 2008-09-28
Last Modified 2008-10-30
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description DED to Etz [] for AGD'ing This [].

The person with the fastest AGD in two days gets a DED on my next map. Collaboration with Riobe. :WOW:
This map was intended to be like a metanet map.


Your in jail from stealing gold last night so you plan an escape route and when you get out of your jail bars you wonder where all the guards are when a robotic circle gets you by sorprise. You reach the Exit switch and you say, "well there you are". You go full force and manage safety........or not.


Planning to make sequel.

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awsome tileset

great gameplay,,,,,good all over 5aved

I love this...

You've used the tileset very effectively; the gameplay just kind of flows naturally from the tiles, and other than maybe a mine or two in the upper half every object has placement to complement it. Other than the gauss part (the bounceblock placement there puzzles me, not sure about it) golden. Especially love the rocket, it works exceptionally well with the tiles. 4.5^

Thank you Riobe

Didn't know that. =)

You can

still edit the title though. =)


Do you mind adding Part I to the title, and adding a special tag? =)


Thank's for notifying that.
i dont really use pms or the forums at all, so ull have to post on a map of mine just so u no.


Is this any better []
Maybe a rocket? I really like the tiles though. Strong 3
I really appreciate it. Oh, and hoohah2x2uesday I'll talk about you.

Good map

btw yea u can use any idea ive done..just make sure to credit and all

Enjoyable map

It had nice flow and decent enemy placement. One thing I didn't like was the use of the laser. I hate lasers in small spaces. It's just awkward and hard to maneuver your ninja. Also, although the map was good, there was nothing that made it stand out. No innovation, or fantastic gameplay. 3/5.

Fun map

I like it 5,

if you like this please check out my dominant I think it is kinda like this. :D

Pretty fun.



too hard for my liking 4/5aved
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Sub 1000
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This is pretty cool, but I cant find anything spectaucular. Some nice gameplay tho, 3.5 up.


AGD -1. And a lot of this run could be smoother.
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faster agd

Demo Data

fastest agd

I think I can go faster.
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could *see* this

Faster AGD

Yeah, I guess spudzalot's route is better.
I could this getting cleaned up into the 1050-1075 range. Maybe more.
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sounds good!

I'm up for it.


My recent collaborations get a lot of attention...

Sure, Why not. =)

Although I really should say, 95% of this was all Erik-Player. He just PM'd me at the last minute, and I took out a few unnecessary objects.

This time you start, and the rest should be in a PM. =)


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I'll ask. Riobe would you like the sequel to be a collab between us? it would be nice. ^_^

Faster AGD

I really hated the beginning, the rest was alright.
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you should have. :P


Perhaps I should have refreshes the page before commenting...
is the sequal going to be a collab w/ Riobe?


Here you are StoneySmile. :P
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is it also going to be a collab w/ Riobe?

Best collab

EVER. Thank you so muck riobe. You gave me confidence to submit this to NUMA (and of coarse changing it). :)

love it

nice story too, nice collab.
On to the sequel.

Fastest agd

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