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Author jdragon
Tags author:jdragon flow hard-ish mines race rated rockets
Created 2008-10-01
Last Modified 2008-10-01
by 6 people.
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Description My first "good race!"
I know the flow is blocky, but parts of it are designed to be that way.
Rockets are added... even if you cannot see them!
darn thumbnail...ignore the sucks.

Ded to _destiny^- for helping me with flow and tileset.

PS. If i get three comments on how it lags too much, then I will edit. However, my comp does not lag with it, and I do not know whether it will lag on yours or not.

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too many mines, really un-neat tiles, enemies didn't provide much atmosphere, and the flow route was quite uninventive after the first section.

But that's just critique :P - when you make your next one, try to improve on those points. Other than that, it is better than average. 3.
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holy cow

i *love* the appearance created by all those mines. and the flow is pretty fresh too. 4/5


the mines
Almost none of them are needed, and they just make the loading times a pain in the ass. That said its a good race, although theres not enough action imo. There were some close calls with the rockets, but not enough to justify a single enemy type. But the flow was cool. Id probably give this a 3 if Im being honest.


a botched flow, but I like it

this, sir

is very nice.
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