The Doomsday Trials: Fallout

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt chaingun gtmspecial rated story-adding-pack
Created 2008-10-01
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 15 people.
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Description Okay, originally this wasnt intended for the story adding pack, but it was so well received and fit in so well with where my story panned out that I think its worth it. Heres the ending...

Naturally, Thattius had to do the noble thing and pressed the self destruct button. The entire Institute started to crumble around them, whilst the MindMachine cursed at itself for having a self destruct button in the first place. Soon its tortured screams became commonplace, and after Thattius dodged it's bullets of rage, it was a simple matter to escape back to the real world. Of course Im being sarcastic.

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I mean, thats left after the end of the world? Nothing? Exactly. And I didnt feel like cluttering it with ruins; the gameplay speaks for itself.


it's testament to the flow of this map that the speedrun's frame count is not that far from the AGD route
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awesome map, great use of enemies, smooth flow and all round just really fun. But I was wondering about that big emtp space... 5/5 anyway
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when the second time, i played it.
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was very well done.
as was everything after that.


just great
Or the open space in the large chamber? Idk, might do some tile art to the right.

Very fun.

Just felt unfinished IMO. So four I guess.

Thanks :P

The big chamber went through all sorts of design phases, double gauss, single and double rockets, a laser drone. Glad I sticked to the cureent set up :P
I don't know why this wasn't rated more, must have been a down time on NUMA to submit.

+5, I can't much of anything that could be changed here, you've created an awesome map.
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i would've expected a map like this from someone like Cerby or ATOB or Clifty. well not so much clifty. clifty makes ddas.


will not tolerate GHM's new avatar. the old one kicks much more butt.
i see how this relates to jackass's tiles very much, but it doesnt quite have that free-bird atmospheric feel. as for the gameplay, i have no idea.

Very Fun

All gold(except one) demo
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Like it a lot :)

4, very fun

I chickened out

very fun map, concept was cool and it was cleanly implemented
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Remove image.

Too many people doing this.

Anyway this was a nice map, I just dont like them things in the tiles.

nice round 4

Does it?

I had no idea :P


forgot to say 5/5
also why does using nreality make it harder cause i have always used it
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He used square windows, so did I. I like it, creates atmosphere.
it was amazing, the gausses hit where the chaingun couldnt. I would give this a 5, but the bounceblocks and squares turned me out. 4. AGD, also on NReality
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Approval from PALEMOON. Thats pretty high on the sacle :P Mind rating?
but i understand it's kind of needed. besides that, it's a cool map!
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