The Other Side Of The Mirror

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe chaingun easy fun playable rated
Created 2008-10-01
Last Modified 2008-10-01
by 9 people.
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Description That's probably my longest title yet. ^o^

This is an advertisement to go and look at the Tilerun Competition [] Yes, that is correct, advertising. =) Many contestants are needed.

Furthermore, enjoy!

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But needs a little more kick. It was a little too basic and short. Still pretty good though. 3/5

My demo is second only to Meta_Ing's. :)
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Sweet ...

Something Different For Once 4/5 "Wow its so simple"

awesome thanks

i'll tell you anything interesting i find


but how do i search for map codes?

great map 4

hey Riobe, do you know anything about Numa history?
is there a timeline with the first race, or the first dda or stuff like that?

I'm too slow

Obviously that's what I meant. =P


Sub-500 AGD.
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Faster. (Going for sub-500 now...)

Riobe, by that do you mean too fast or too slow?
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Note to self, don't make races with NReality.


Your out of my league now. =)

(My) first AGD

A little slower than Izzy.
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Izzy ruined my fun. I thought that this was a good agd. :/ 4.
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Faster AGD

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I never ever snipe, and god so help me if I do, I'd like to be struck down where I sit.

Faster AGD

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It's good


AGD below.
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i didnt like it so much, but prolly cuz the chaingun shot me through the tiles!! D: and my head hurts... but only two of those are your fault.. :) and someone did snipe my maps.. was it you?!