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Author holmboy
Tags action author:holmboy hard mines playable skill unrated
Created 2008-10-01
Last Modified 2008-10-02
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Description My first map. It's sorta tough, but I enjoy it.


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I meant don't use thwump squeeze propulsion because it's too glitchy, space your mines farther apart because while minimalism is not necessarily good succsinctness is, and try to make a tileset that isn't binary.
In all other regards nice map.


I kept messing up in the beginning , but it was fun. I`m used to maps that need speed.


failed on the thumps
Demo Data
"it looks a little messy though"

Yeah, it really does. After I finished making it, I sort of cringed at how bad it looks. The map was more of an experiment for myself, if I could even make something semi-fun. Now I'm trying to focus on aesthetics also.


my demo is living proof that i stink at minejumpers!!

not bad for a first. it looks a little messy though, it could be a little more ideas. oh well, that's just my opinion. 4/5 for a first.
Demo Data
for moi. cannot achieve success XO


I had fun making it.


nice for a first..

Not Bad