Penal Colony

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Author yungerkid
Tags action author:yungerkid not-to-be-taken-literally parody playable rated refusal
Created 2008-10-02
Last Modified 2008-10-02
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description PALEMOON, were you serious? are we really regressing this far?

it's time we decided, as a community, to keep moving forward. we can't let one stinking individual cause this much chaos. we need to start getting back to the regular way things have always worked, and let the admins clean up the mess that has been made.

until then, cheerio! ^^

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@ twenty_three

I just noticed that

@ twenty_three

No crap


It's funny because it looks like a penis.


i totally agree. this was made in maybe 60 seconds with no inspiration. it's horrible, but the rates are a plus :/
The duel gauss are far too relentless, the hidden thwumps are just plain annoying, the theme is a little ridiculous, and the aesthetics are lacking.

This really annoyed me to play, I'm not sure why it's been reported though...
this isn't 4 worthy; and @da_man and autosurfer, you're kidding me, right?

Didn't like it cause the gold was ugly and clashed badly with the tileset. The mines did it too. Also, hiding thwumps is a bad thing. Just very messy.



I would like it better if you took out the hidden thwumps


speed runXD
Demo Data


i like how you brought in those hidden thwumps to make it as nooby as possible
I just want you to rate my maps! =D
Kidding, I just love your maps. And it has been a while.
Just do not do so much stuff at a time! :)


i'm working on 3 mappacks currently, plus 6 collabs, plus some extra concepts that i haven't gotten around to yet, plus other video games, plus 2 hours of homework a night.

...getting to it. i'm glad you thought of me :)
I have waited to long already :)


that was the whole purpose of the title. it was a (sick) pun. actually, in this case, it meant a group of people separated for punishment. penal can also mean "relating with punishment" i believe.
'having to do with law, right?


Demo Data


i'm sorry about that lol. the *only* reason that i'm leaving this thing up, is because of the rates. i'll have some new maps out soon ;)

although i'm working on three levelpacks right now, so i'm a bit busy.

zz kr cn a tre fnd wy t u dy ee crk
i get to look at this gigantic phallus. awesome.

this was hard

Demo Data



there i am done.

are we cool now?



uhm, u want me to anti snipe this one? and the 4 others before it?
Anyway, I hated the gold at the bottom. Way to randomly placed. Still a 3.5

sure thing ill get on that first thing tomorrow.

right now im going to bed

no. i just framed him after i heard you guys talking about him on that map that has like 90 comments.

i am someone completley different.

and i am only sniping people i dont like. for instance godsreaper

but i wont snipe you if you dont snipe me

ill make a truce wit you if you just dont rate or comment my maps and i wont snipe you.

truce okay?

ya, well,

i'm mostly not one for bathroom humor myself.

Not the kind

of joke I laugh about, then...

don't you

get it crescor?
It's a joke


aesthetics? Don't be joking.
I think this is worth a 3 only


Amazing aesthetics, gameplay is like a piece of melting gold.
Feature material.

Sniping is such a messy thing.

you know,

i was just thinking of taking a short respite from numa. i think i will.

@da_man: like it? heh. heh.


the aesthetics are phenomenal.

truly amazing... ;)
i dunno. everything is crazy here so i will instigate with a map and then quickly scoot out!!

lol wow

this is going very fast.


well anyway.


never mind. =P


Double sub.


well now.