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Author Numby
Tags agd author:numby gauss medium playable random rated
Created 2008-10-02
Last Modified 2008-10-02
by 9 people.
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Description One gauss turret stoppin' you. RCE. :D

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I didn't find it that bad actually. Though the squeeze was tricky with the gauss right above you.
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oh and the tileset >_>

2nd try agd, first try i got stuck ergh.
the only problem was the gauss placing, try to place enemies where they willl be most efective. 3.5/5 down.
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Too easy, IMO. The gauss couldn't reach enough places and was too easy to block to do much good. Still, it was okay, if unspectacular. First try AGD attached. 3/5'd.
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I know my mapmaking skills aren't very good, but I could do with some constructive criticism. :S


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i liked it.

:) 4/5