The barrel nears..

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Author clearwindow
Tags author:clearwindow last-mappossibly playable rated
Created 2008-10-03
Last Modified 2008-10-03
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description lighting55 (not a typo) brought something serious to my attention, i have become a not so good mapmaker..
in this map i have tried my hardest to please you.. if it doesnt appeal, i will leave numa because i will have no buisness here..

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Riders on the Storm

is my fave, people are strange second fave.
regardless of its popularity, because all of it in my opinion is on par with every other song, they were just geniouses at what they did, and i like each of their songs for different reasons

Touch me was way more of a radio play than Hello I love you anyways :P

u can use my new ts

did you

look at the two people sucking face?


camel crush. I'm smoking djarum black cloves currently.
I already did a bong, and the MJ leaf has already been done


I need inspiration. Give me another idea


you still need some work, but you shouldnt leave NUMA because of that... if I had done that, well I wouldnt be here.


you still need some work, but you shouldnt leave NUMA because of that... if I had done that, well I wouldnt be here.


all pathetic
this map ain't bad, 3


That made my day. Thanks espada.


ive read espada's comment for 10 minutes straight.

Barros Beryl Sweet Lou Ison will dare look today are. how dare you ask Trina to this and I will not take it anymore. I don't want people to like maps and I want them to like to I don't like to map Ayn Al to be in on a brother.
It's not good to improve when you know what you're improving all and thanks diminished its not that this Doherty said the choppy. I don't really like when in the map starts off having would allow a jump and a few times a day organizes a I probably would have to put up launchpad right out of your perfect 1800 year well, I was just thinking about quitting because got a map sand and then the maps were good and dillweed area of David and now as far as the map.
I like the idea of said giggled so difficult of the difficulty with our lives alone in a phone call and then got to outlaw and it exploded and become an offense the auditing upsets my very good because you don't go too far and I've met about and I'll live for hundreds on that night I are might see Newsnight that he doesn't even know what there is to do because use crazy and he doesn't even know what it's doing so may MacVittie like it don't who died at a local old, yet we LBLOEA don't cut it was an even thinking the guy on your legitimacy is Nemo and 70 and a Wednesday when NTA school buddies in.

why thank you

it is quite true.
clearwindow is the first noob i've seen to have this many comments on that many maps. its quite weird.


i don't believe that is you! change you avatar to a different photo of you and i might believe you.. comment me on my last map when you change it..


eganic i liked that comment. its true.


cry, this is how numa runs, people say they are leaving and a lot of player get worried.
It's an everyday thing.
(i was thinking to leave too but now I'm not so bad IMO)




you have, the map is rated and you won't leave.


no offense, but you've made 18 maps. sounds kinda conceited when you word it like that. i've made about 69 (he he) maps and some of mine are pretty darn good i think, but a lot of them are crap. like everything else in life, map making takes practice, a brain, and constructive critisism

blackson's right

this is supposed to bring you enjoyment. If you're spending too much time worrying about ratings then its just work isn't it? I'm even just now realizing that i've been chosing subject matter that interests me and its making Nart a hell of a lot more fun

Then there's

nothing to worry about.


Demo Data
I liked the idea of the left side. The gold flow was difficult, but definitely possible without loss of momentum.
The thwump wall was a nice touch as well, but i think if you turned the bottom thwump the other direction it would present more of a challenge on both sides.
The right side however didn't thrill me much. as Conan_TG said, its hard to run away from a missle when your only option of momentum is wall jumping, and there was a lot of usable space that could've been utilized. BUT this is one of your better tilesets i think, nice on the eyes.

i would give it a 3 based on gameplay but I do like the tileset so 3.5 ^


This isn't a bad map.
Above average and remember that there's a lot of crap out there!
(not talking about your maps)
Map for you, not for others; I'm having a hard time realizing this myself.

Nobody can make all-pleasing maps with no practice

Don't submit a map until you like it. Then no matter what, you'll be happy. :D


Clear if i made you a DED how whould you want it to be like?

Even Faster

Perfect 800 demo.
your welcome. i was once thinking about quiting. because i thought my maps were bad but ChaoStar said just stick with it. and Rambo5252 said om his fav author and it made me feel good.
so what im tryin to say is dont listen to critics and just stick with it.
Demo Data




and i really liked this LOTS of fun 5/5aved


Demo Data

it's not bad...

the start is a bit choppy, I don't really like it when the map starts off having towall jump a few times in an open atmosphere. I probably would have put a launchpad right under the ninja so there is no confusion of where to go.

also, I don't know if you noticed but the thwump on the bottom is very easy to get past.

The gold path isn't as fluid as it would look to be, making an AGD a daunting but fun task, because the guass is well placed so it is not aggrivating.

3.5 rounded up.


diminished! :D

hey now

thats what comments are for, to help you improve. If nobody got comments or ratings, we'd all be making shitty maps. It takes practice and alot of feedback to nail your map making mojo.


i love thrusting outward!!

i love

your maps. i think you map PERFECT puzzles


i want people to like my maps, not my comments..