Anti Sniping

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Author southpark982
Tags author:southpark982 change helpful rated
Created 2008-10-04
Last Modified 2008-10-04
by 10 people.
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Description I am willing to change because sniping is getting really old

so i decided to help you...yes you. if you have a map that has bad ratings or no ratings or you would just like to boost some ratings just ask me.

please i am being honest and i will help anybody

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We talked..

A little while ago. I got 3 Brand New Freshly baked maps just came out of the oven all tested and ready to play, try rating and playing.

If you

just rate some of my maps that have zero ratings that would be nice. :)

you didnt beat it you havent even tried it im not stupid show me demo of it and quit being a dick


alright dude your pissin me off, you havent even tried my maps you probobly cant even beat them if you can i wanna see it...and this map is terrible

um ok?

try my map then show me demo

I'll post

a pyramid demo if I can ;)

Hey wait...

Didn't you just have two maps? I didn't get to play that other one...
Or did I just imagine that...

I get

sniped a lot, or rated a 2 by anonimouse...anonimus...
I'm glad to see that a sniper is switching teams (at least in word)
And I thought you were on staff Riobe.
through your attention starvation. Congratulations on turning the curve

Take away

voting privileges? Wow, I didn't know that was possible.


my latest 5 maps. lol.


This got major snipage.

Snipe! []

yes they have

And I don't mean that your maps have to be of a certain level of quality. I just mean that if you post a map don't make it heinous in any way. That is, don't suggest you'll be sniping or other various things that disrupt that community. You can make the shittiest maps you want so long as they don't infer disruption within the community.


k i have an idea for a map and ive been messing around with it.

but has anybody made a map where the ninja guy is invisible. but im not using the bunch of exit door idea.
so has anybody used that idea?


actually, both are problems.

yes, i do.


i guess i could try making some maps that are good. but i doubt they will be


antisniping is the problem around here.

ya but im not that great of a mapmaker. ive only done one really good one and it was an n-art iron man



I'm sorry southpark

Your voting privileges are out of my hands. You'll have to put in a request to the admins of NUMA, though I think that without showing that you've seriously changed (as in, posting maps and comments with a positive outlook and such for a period of at least a month) will you get your voting privileges back.

This means to please make an effort to be truthful. You can still comment however you like, but if you comment with excessive or even moderate swearing and flame remarks that will either prolong the time before you can get your privileges back or end up in your account being disabled permanently.

I'm sorry that this has to happen before you get your voting privileges back but I hope you realize that it was you that got you into this mess and now you have to pull yourself out.

I hope you take these words to heart, especially if you really want to make an effort to be a positive member of this community.

unless you actually submit to the community with good maps and constant respect to everyone. only then will you acheive respect yourself. i think.


fantastic new avatar

tell you what i thought about what?
what? im confused. please explain.

Ok then.

I'll test you. Look at my maps, and tell me what you thought.


my latest 5 maps please.

What a thinker

you are.

lol... ya i did

well sniping is getting boring bcuz nobody really responds.

and its alota work

so ill anti snipe and maybe get good comments


39 mins ago

stop using picture descriptions or ill snipe your maps

im serious
i will change
Of course I'll forgive you.