Oh the places you'll go

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Author clearwindow
Tags author:clearwindow fun playable rated
Created 2008-10-04
Last Modified 2008-10-04
by 20 people.
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Description tileset by blackwhite, monster's playground

and the turrets get more pesky the farther you get

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dope map

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I just came across this map. That was quite an ordeal. I don't understand why you were disabled.

this one's a doozy

That was so use-less to diable this account, I could care less if you were f*king pedo bear! This account made decent maps that were fun to play. The person who's brain made this map is awsome, so what is he/she has some issues to work out, that is pesonal and best left out, so shut up and make more maps.


What a horrible mess. It's a pity this ever happened, even more of a pity that some people (*cough* evil_sire *cough*) acted like dicks.


Guitar Termite Matt.

I liek. This comments page is great.


I found it too!


I have found the source of my username change :P


OH WAYTE UR A GUY 3/5. Lol. This old mess is hillarious. I'm glad I came across this little incident.


Even if you're disabled from numa, I would like some of your maps to be in the New Age pack. [] But first you need a forum account, so register, then post in the thread with the maps you want included.

I liked the eyes

a tiddly little bit.

But too many moles LOL
being gay, or being different, but I have something against people who are scamming other ones.
And I didn't find the picture atractive. Not a wee little bit.

Most of us?

They were only few who believed it. The others didn't want to see their dream smashed into little pieces right before their eyes.

Oh the irony

It's strange how everyone was against me first, then as soon as it's revealed, everybody agrees.

No, it doesn't matter if you're gay, but nobody needs to chat about it online, keep personal information to yourselves, nobody cares nor wants to know.

on a side note: That avatar is only slightly attractive, but the hairstyle is horrendous!


Lord_Day is right, sept discovered the image first by searching 'emo girl' into google images (that in itself is weird but beside the point :P) it was one of the first results on the 1st page. Because Clear Window didn't have access to any other pictures of 'emo girl' she.. er.. he gave up the act and admitted what most of us knew already.

what a betch!

i made my name afer you!!


the gauss and tiles were nice, but i didnt like the mine area and it felt sorta empty.

on another note

i've seen hotter avatars then that on numa anyway and its DEFINATELY not something to get worked up over. to blackson and diminished, who got caught up in this, life sucks sometimes, so do yourselves a favor and get over it. sorry if thats harsh but you two are sorta being drama queens. lawl

another thing

things at numa are getting a lot more 'gossipy' and 'mature' and 'child vs adult mappers' and i think that, as lightning said, this site was made for making and submitting maps for a game called 'n'. if you have problems, we can discuss them (to a point) and help eachother out because as cheesy as it sounds we're all friends here and theres no point in calling people names or sniping or trying to get a date online. its fine if someones gay, i think, but lets all be mature and not make a big deal out of it.


i feel a little lame coming into this topic right now heh.
Sire is right about internet dating. really bad idea unless its a website made for it. even then i wouldnt recommend it. before i started at numa i was a runescape guy (i admit it!) and they had it there too. mostly among the 'noobs' who just make accounts to 'get laid'. the point is, you cant escape it if you go online and you have to handle it maturly.


did you do pretend to be her in the first place? I mean not like it matters now but WHY?

why the disable?

O_o i didn't see him do anything wrong...
Dunno if you're still here but I liked the simplicity and the dificulty . .
Better stear clear of the attractive avatars xD

I dont get it

What is the difference if he/she is a guy or a girl? I mean, if I uploaded a picture of my girlfriend and pretended I was her, and talked/acted like a girl, what is the difference? We are all people, here, we share our love for this game and talk like adults, not children. I have a vocabulary to talk like a 22 year old man, or could change it to talk like a 11 year old girl. Imo, its up to the user to tell others his age, name, sex, etc. I dont believe I have asked anyone personal information, and neither should anyone else. This is not a dating site or anything so there shouldn't be this type of nonsense.

Yeah though, the map is sub-par. 2.
And why did she get disabled?
Before ska did.


sincerely sorry I'm a pathetic person.


the same to me. As pathetic as all the other ones.

No I didn't

I never said /she/ was good, but her avatar. Go check if your so concerned about it.


you just followed the crowd...

And so many people

expressed their dedications and things.

I think this whole mess is halarious.

The avatar isn't that bad though.


you go

that isnt me

i a guy will someone disable this account?

ska ska ska

*continues chant*

Don't leave ska!

We need you to do things like this!

clearwindow got BUSTED




nailed it, this was all a scam and almost everyone fell for it.

way pretty eyes

you have..


I will believe you if you upload a different pic of you that isn't from that site :P