There and Back

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Author IlkkaR
Tags author:ilkkar playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-23
Last Modified 2005-09-23
by 5 people.
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Description This is a jumping training for somebody who needs it (me).
I hope that this is not impossible... Please send a demo if you can complete this! ( I can´t complete this :P ) Please rate and comment!

Try to guess what it is!(if you guess with your first try,
you are a cheater =P)

HINT:It doesn´t look like it.

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I didn´t really understand, but I think that chimneysweep is right...


it is a tree!

(you cheater =P)


Is it a tree?
The level is actually pretty nice though, but remember that if there are areas that you can cheat you need to make sure it isn't possible.


Pretty damn hard, but possible.
And no, I dont have a demo.
This level is not cheatproof (watch the video) but remember that cheating is not completing!!!
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