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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun medium playable race rated rrs
Created 2008-10-04
Last Modified 2008-10-04
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description Retirement. Sounds cool.

Final part in the series, I like the outcome result. It may not be the greatest thing in the world, but I like it how it currently is. My favorite part is the ending, but what is yours? You'll have to play to find out. Enjoy!!!

If you can't double jump off of bounceblocks, or suck at the game, just ignore the map. If you like basic loops and generic jumping off of tiles, don't play this map. I wouldn't like to be rated down for difficulty or for it being different, because this is a hard map. It's unique, not generic loops. I warned you. =)

Fastest AGD gets a DED, and a little somethin' somethin', if you know what I mean. =)

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that repetitive loop at the end bugs me.

I can't really post any other complaints because of your stupid bolded paragraph =D




I will be back

to claim my award.
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try adding the tag for the races and with the Author:riobe tag so It will only show the maps with the race tag that are yours.

Even faster.
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Faster AGD.

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age. adge. bay.

I'm getting tired

of typing 'awesome'. Too many people make these maps. Oh well, that won't stop me. AWESOME but the end spoiled it. 4/5.

I love this map. 5/5.
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I really appreciate all the comments and ratings everybody! Thank you so very much!


destiny, BBCode

doesn't work in the titles. :(

{url=]click this vrumanuk.
You've done it. 5aved.
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Your Turn []


Also on Nreality. BTW your demo doesn't work for me Life247. Does it work for anyone else?. Faved now.
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I think

anything over 900 frames is fast.

Great Race

Fully deserving a 5. Not really unique, but the flow is buttery and interesting and to my mind it is the perfect difficulty, challenging but nothing feels cheap.
id have to say that just about anything sub-1500 isn't long. This wasn't short though.

Lacks length?

At ~1050 frames? Really?

Ah well.


but raved too I guess.
Good job PsychoSnail. I agree about the floorguard. but I like how you almost combined all the previous in the series. raved.
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3/5. Lacks length, and ya couldve used more space.


Launchpads were very creative, but a little sketchy. Everything else was perfect.


awesome :D
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Haha Cerberus

I like to exaggerate things man.

Damn end

Can never do it the right way. Died 3000 times (more like 15). Oh well. 5.

Btw, I think your next on the story line thingy. Yeah, check it often because I will be done today or tomorrow.
It's not even that hard. This is really just a rehash of your other races.


I give up. Been trying for like 45 min, and I don't want to break my shift key. Ending 3rd at this point in time not including cheated AGD. Final AGD:
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You gotta love

Snipers. =)


you little cheater

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I loved the ending.

The rest was good, but not excellent. I did like the gold placement, though.
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I understand

People have there opinions. =)



Demo to beat. Who can sub 1106?
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Pack released []. Feedback please. =)

When I said retire

I actually meant how I'm looking forward to the days when I can just relax. I mean, I'm not under much pressure as it is right now, but look forward to that time. =P

Thanks, T3chno. =D

It was

a joke. =P