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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe medium playable race rrs unrated
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
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Map Data

Description Hey, didn't see this coming huh?

Not for people with laggy computers, because this is a moderate level race that probably laggs, because it does on my computer. This is a very old concept (That I've been tuning for, what, weeks) that was first created by MARIJENANDRIES (Hope I spelled that right, post if I didn't). It's pretty fun, and you can choose whatever path you want.

No matter how much you get intimidated by the rockets, don't jump early, because it will screw you up. Enjoy!

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I think I'll tune this up a bit. Delisted for the time being.
Not much I can do about the flow in this one. Sorry about that.

I know

I was kinda out of space in this. =/


but this race is quite poor in quality compared to the others in this series. NR

it also looks exactly the same as the previous one. :(
Demo Data


Yeah. Those. =)

Demo Data


Demo Data


i remember those old multipaths, the clairvoyance series, and all. ^^ good times, good times.