What the Thwump?!?

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Author wumbla
Tags author:wumbla puzzle rated wumbla
Created 2008-10-05
Last Modified 2008-10-05
by 26 people.
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Description A very complicated thwump map. AGD Included. 2 hours and 30 minutes of playtesting and trying to complete it, and i finally did, I reccomend you try this. RCE.

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ill anti snipe this map soon but right now i cant.

probably in a few days though but ill antisnipe it


couldnt resist.. addictive map to say the least..
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quicker AGD

will stop the spam now.. =P
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Demo Data


did without looking at ur demo.. great map.. was so much fun figuring it out..
5aved.. hoping to see more such puzzles from u..
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Yeah, that's cool. =)

very fun



im sorry :D
i understand what you meant about looking "good to play" i thought you meant "thumbnail looks good" :/
i just didnt think it was 5/5 material


It looks play, if that's any better. The way it looks make me feel like it's going to be a great fun to play and figure out.

No need to belittle my opinion. =/


is this like the sarcastic irony map?
no offense, but i dont like it that much and it has a perfect 5/5 with 20 votes. plus riobe said it looked good. it doesnt :/ NR

very fun



I can't think of a more unoriginal title ;)

Very, very cool.

I love how you have to keep track of everything, and you made each (most of them) of the thwumps included in more than one little challenge. 5/5.

not /that/ hard...

still awesome though. 5aved
Sorry, its just that there are maps better then this that have used this concept before. But you sir still get a solid 4. :D
nice puzzle. 5aved. Maybe I should make a thwump challenge based on a puzzle?
So Long... The Feature I mean


brilliant combination. possibly overdoing it, but this is the kind of map that gets featured. 5

This looks amazing

I'll play now.
be aware of your suroundings.
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