mini challenge: tight squeeze

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Author mithril_silver
Tags author:mithril_silver playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-23
Last Modified 2005-09-23
by 16 people.
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Description i like this level its not really hard at all but u need precision

also the ending is very cool if u do it right i dont know if this effect have been discovered b4 but it certainly can be used as another DDA effect


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Fun Level

I liked it.
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The rocket goes through the trapdoors and you die?
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the main thing with this one is the tiles and the mines

1st it forces u to make do this exactly right
2nd the ending where the mine blows up as a ending is new
3rd the gold over mine requires u to go over it quickly

Pretty good...

..for such a small level, anyway. Not too difficult, though.


edited more challenging

Much faster

Not too challenging...
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funny name

good level
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