Turreted away

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Author knurdyl
Tags art author:knurdyl n n-art n-emies rated unplayable
Created 2008-10-06
Last Modified 2008-10-06
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Another N-art. It's supposed to be a gauss turret, a gauss aiming recticle, a homing turret and a homing rocket. Please rate on how the thumbnail looks, not how it looks in debug mode. Please comment, and enjoy.

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o yeah



check out my newest level.
the ninja looks a little short to me


dude tht is beast
but the ninja needs work


its adorable
love it!! :)


dont people put a ninja in there art just for the sake of it so people can muck around on it?


looks pretty good

take a look at

my other N-arts, Thwumped by a floorguard [] and Drones R Us [].