Scream... At the Top of your Lungs

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Tags author:be_nspired ded playable rated scream tileset
Created 2008-10-07
Last Modified 2008-10-07
by 18 people.
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Description This is the first version of this map without many enemies. At the moment the late SKA is playtesting and fixing up this map so be on the look out for an update soon... Another great tileset, shout out to 'Revolsion' because I am his favorite tileset author and also this map is DED to HardCream for his speedrun abilities. Play, Rate, Comment and Enjoy but most of all BE_nSPIRED

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and i've seen the tiles before.
thats really amazing

more like a hardcore battle cry tho

man thats awesome :)


this is way cool, it looks exactly like a person


as a tileset, looks quite good as a playable lvl as well


and yes i am sucking up so you will make me a blimp
and check this shit out. it's amazing []

Oh my.

I wish the gameplay wasn't mediocre.

I am??

haha OK.
Let me just say that this is an unorthodox map

but it least t shows you have your own unique style and that's cool..

here's a quick agd I whipped up. Shockingly, it's the exact same score as the level that I first got a 0th on: 85-3 (174.925)
Demo Data



Nice tile set.

However, the game play wasn't as good.


Demo Data


5th try
Demo Data

love the tileset!!!

the first bit was kinda flowy :) great job, keep it up 5aved


is your best so far, 5

All gold demo

very slow :(
Demo Data
exit key but i couldnt really find an appropriate location other than that

the exit key

in the squinting eye... on the thumbnail it almost looks like a pupil. So I'd move that for the effect of the tileset to be 100%


Your tilesets are amazing. 5/5