Bad Fish! Down!

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny hard playable race rated underwater
Created 2008-10-07
Last Modified 2008-10-07
by 12 people.
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Description VERY HARD RACE. Have fun!

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Random'ed on this and got an AGD
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I am

the flow-screwer.
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lol psycosnail

i think i should make an easier version of this, y'know, cos of the nice flow.

changed my mind

since this a three, i just have to give it a 5, cuz it deserves better.
That part is too tightly timed in my opinion. Otherwise, it was good.
I got off and the drones moved out of the way :D
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happened again!!!

right afterwards too!
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Demo Data


darn hard chimneying! (demo is longer cause I entered in and finished it :D)
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nice run ^^

Scratch that.

there is no problem, just redid the map you just have to go at full speed the whole time to trap that drone out of that area.

Great Race!!

I love it.

I lost the flow twice in the demo, but only a slight bit. but there is one problem with the race,that i found. if you keep the flow you go too fast and you run in to the second to last drone after falling from the key.
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very nice

i will refrain from rating since i can't beat it and i don't like drone races anyway, but aside from frogs' this is the best drone race i've ever seen.
at trying to beat the third drone, I gave up.


I'm not a fan of close call drone races, but this just oozes class. 4

And also,

no tall ninjas (demo)
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a big one here, but the seekers are great. I'd nomally give my goods and bads, but have to go to school now. =P

5aved anyways. Great replayability. =)
by jumping at the very top of the ramp.
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