Obscure Sandbox Arena

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Author kisler
Tags author:kisler rated smalllevelpack
Created 2008-10-07
Last Modified 2008-10-07
by 6 people.
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Description This levelpack will be exclusive to NUMA because it's small. My goal is to get a while bunch of ways to kill N and then focus on each one. Mines are always allowed, though.

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Meant to say: 7/10 (4/5)

Nice little map

When I first loaded it up, I saw the left gold and thought, "aww man, it's mostly linear", but your object and tile placement lent a surprising amount of versatility to it. Especially on the right side, the little things come together and let the experienced player do some neat tricks. I would've yay'ed this on MOA. :)
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the the cg got me. Fun little map. Done well, but not really candy for the eyes. 3.5/5
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Really cool map. I like the gold placement. 4
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here was a messed up demo
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Well heres

a demo. so you want me to kill my self
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