Nice Fish! Up!

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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny fast-paced fish playable race rated
Created 2008-10-08
Last Modified 2008-10-08
by 18 people.
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Description Easy version of my last map.

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its pretty awesome, but your aesthetics are better now imo
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Do want!

I love this kind of races! 5
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difficulty, so I'll give this the same 5 I gave before.


All gold
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Whoo, another 963 frame demo. The seeker drones were very well placed.
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Old one was better

Bad fish down was better i think, this one is too easy.
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Real nice. I liked how if you weren't fast enough to the trampoline on the right side over the drone then that would almost block your way to the exit by the end of the map.
Some of the gold was a little awkward to grab, or maybe that's just me... but all in all a solid race.


I dont see chasers used in races that much but you used them very very well. Great job. Here is an agd. :D

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again, 5

good idea to make an easy version. more fun that way.

ps: thanks for commenting on my Betrayal series.


how come i get killed by the drone? see demo xD
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But the gauss feel thrown in, the first one does nothing. And most of the locked doors are unnecessary and ugly. That said, great race. 4.


agree with rozer, 4/5


almost had an AGD on NReality until the zap drone at the end went bam and I died. I really like the placement of it though. 4. Not as fun as some of your others.

Btw, I would really appreciate it if you check out my latest map in my map pack and tell me what you think. There are 2 maps with eganic's objects, dont look at those.


nice flow but the drone annoyed me
mainly the oe that wwent roud in a square
see my minejumper
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