Mr. Shadow

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Author stepself
Tags author:stepself bitesized episodic featured jumper leeloo-dallas-multipass lucidium playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-24
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 61 people.
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Description Level 06-3 from my episodes. A Lucidium-style jumper. If you find it too hard, I'll post a demo within a day or two. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2009-08-30

Half a donut dangles from a string, as acid dissolves the icing. Mr. Shadow looks through the eye of the sugary snack; taunting the ninja from afar as he clings to the dripping fragments. Never before has a half eaten donut drenched in acid sat in the open for four years while maintaining the same illustrious appeal it had on the day it was baked. One thing is definitely clear: stepself is a masterchef... — ska

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great map.

quite cool style :]
it was pretty fun though i guess.


Some of the best maps on NUMA were created in 2005. *cough* []

This map is great.

stepself is great.


has inspired so many of my maps. Included one of my featured ones
Amazing map
Nah, it was alright. A bit over-the-top maybe, but pretty good.

And this map is fantastic. Good job ska.

Great review

for a great map - I love the tiles, and the gameplay manages to be both fun and challenging. Nice choice!

Great feature

I love the map, perfect difficulty IMO. Nice review too.

Aha yeah

Awesome review.

i say

teh best one yet in about two days. very good review and map.


I was looking at this map the other day, excellent review




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Demo Data

Demo Data


That was truly painful
Demo Data


almost completed with an ok time, ill try again tomorrow


I hate that section too kamikaze. A little jump as you're sliding down the left side just before you fall will slow you down enough to make an accurate jump.


Demo Data
dam im not gonna complete this
Demo Data


Another 125 frames
Demo Data


Got it.
Demo Data

Soo Close

Like 5 minutes later, I got this. Stupid 5 frames.
Demo Data


Love how it looks.
Heres my first completion. Gonna try to beat clux by the end.
Demo Data

Oh cool.

That's neat. Great map. Two words. Every time.


You probably won't read this, but anyway:
It's not a DJ Shadow reference, it's a "Fifth Element" reference. That dead star in the movie refers to itself as Mr. Shadow.


one of my clear-cut favourites.
I named my most recent map after a dj shadow song.
A slow demo but now iv'e beaten my whole userlevels except for lucidium's butterfly.
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Is this a reference to DJ Shadow by any chance? Just noticed it looks a bit like a melting record. Great map.


WOW THIS MAP IS GREAT!!!!!!!...yet so hard.... cant seem to beat it but its just so addicting and fun to try to

second try

awesome map dude. just great. pretty good for my second try eh?
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demo, clux. Especially that first move you made. Very quick.


more fun than I originally thought
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Well-balanced, great-looking. 4.5 ninjas.