Bite Back the Brimming Brooks

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Author yungerkid
Tags author:yungerkid flow flowy playable race rated tear
Created 2008-10-11
Last Modified 2008-10-11
by 19 people.
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I love it


i put maybe 10 minutes into production on this map anyway. guess i shouldn't have put the rocket in there. noted for the future.

Very smooth

if a little on the short side. Rocket killed me 11 times on the run, then i got this demo :D

and missed a gold :(
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i'm okay with that some of the time, but not this time. it was really, cool, though,



will you look

at my latest m? please :)


Next time you make a map,
Put the help desk in the description. It gets you 4's instead of 3's. :)
Thanks :)

The rocket kept killing me, then i read about that little jump.
The rest is amazing, as always. 4
too short D:
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but in this race i don't like the start
And I like the speed, but it was lacking in something. You don't get that thrill when you make a specific jump, or that feeling of satisfaction when you finish.
The rocket was also a nuisance.


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Demo Data

3 frames slower

than Meta_Ing.
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in my opinion, though, I don't think perfect precision is good in a race map. In an action, jumper, or puzzle; yes (depending on how it's used). Other people might like the precision, though.


@whyme: i put that precision in there intentionally. i was under the impression that it was a good thing. maybe not though...

5 frames faster

than PsychoSnail.
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Took me about 50 tries. Sorry, but I just don't really like this. It's hard to get it just right, and it anything is off, there's a 90% probability that you'll die. Sorry, but I just don't like it. It's way too easy to mess up. NR.
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Short, but fun while it lasted.
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i began making the flow for this map, and then i got distracted with making the tileset. pretty soon, i had the whole tileset down, and i didn't want to ruin it by adding flow around it. so hopefully in the future i won't cut these things short by working on tilesets before i'm supposed to :/

Got it.


A bit short, rocket is hard, all I got to say.
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I could have done the chimney better.

I like the speed and the flow, as well as the tiles and aesthetics, but it's a little short. Still, 4/5.
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Nice, but short

I screwed up badly near the rocket.
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flow/path demo

the rocket may be tough. the secret here is to lightly tap the jump button.
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