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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-10-11
Last Modified 2008-10-11
by 33 people.
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Description This is my first entry for KinGAleX's Game ON: The Contest []. It's based upon the freeware game Thrustburst [], and I think it emulates that gameplay quite well (with just a small twist of lem-N). I hope, for your sake, that you think so, too.

This map was featured on 2009-12-27

This is a map by Yahoozy. He is an author on NUMA. He makes maps. This is one of those maps. He made this map. When I say "he," I am referring to Yahoozy. He made this map. Yahoozy is he. This map, made by he, Yahoozy, he Yahoozy, made this map.

Refer to image for map analysis. — T3chno

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reviewing this for my application to be a reviewer. In any case, it's too late now. :P



the first gauss is the farthest I got, cool map, hard though
Everyone who's anyone already had this 5aved.

Weird map. x3


fake deaths are always fun! ^^
Very good concept! Simple and fun! =]
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Here's AGD-3

This is the best I'm going for.

And I got used to the mine section, so oh well. 5aved.
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I meant



Except for that unnecessarily difficult mine section in the beginning, I love this. I love both the concept and the integration of the thwumps. Nice work. That said, I can't ignore that mine section in the beginning. So my vote is 4/5.
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that is really cool!

devilishly hard.


This is amazing

great job


5/5aved. Brilliant .i would feature this if i was a reviewer.!


There's some gold missing.

Ahh, brilliant!

If a little frustrating at times.
i got 5k or so points... the tunnel got really small really fast and i wrecked

i hope you know

i am addicted to thrustburst now. i've gotten in about 23 km so far...

faved, easy

N has so much potential. (:


Pretty fun and hard.
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