Dabbling All the Way Down

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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga playable rated
Created 2008-10-11
Last Modified 2008-10-11
by 7 people.
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Description Cool drone mechanic.

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That has greatly inspired me.
It's been in my faves for oh I dunno, at least ten months? But only now do I comment on it :(
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5 !

Amazing, I don't think I have ever played such a perfect map. One reason being such that I played it soo many times and remained mostly unfrustrated. Not my fastest agd.
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My favourite map from you losttortuga, the gameplay feels spacious and all your enemy and gold feels very precise. And naturally a lovely tileset.


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all gold
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is very annoying

I like the bottom.

The drone paths are cool, too.