Double Tall

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt chainguns one-ways rated
Created 2008-10-12
Last Modified 2008-10-12
by 9 people.
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Description Meh, tbh I dont like this that much. Oh well, RCE.

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*i allmost died near the end...*
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It got the harder

the more times I tried xD
It was fairly fun and I liked that there was a route . . Also that it was kinda short . . Simplicity rules xD 4/5
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It was fun and addicting. Could use some work on asthetics though.
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Ahem, splinter

Linear is the point of races, there needs to be a route that is easy to follow and see, look at some races dude.

4 btw
the enemies didn't really pose a threat to me, this was my first try.
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So linear..,

It might as well have been a race with 10000 more enemies...

Great little map!

The enemy placement was perfect, and it was really flowy.
Looks a bit like the featured map. :)

AGD, fastest, again;
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in that case



If anything Im most confident about the launchpads. You can rate now if you want, idk wat to change.
One way to improve might be to get rid of the launchpads? It seems they steer you away from the enemy fire and into the correct path. If you got rid of them, it would require more quick thinking and skill to complete the map. Just a suggestion, I'm not sure if it'll work. And seeing as you're looking to improve the map atm, i'll NR, but its good.
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First try.

Simple, but fun.
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Also, dont rate this right away, instead tell me if any enemies need to be moved replaced, then ill edit them in.
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