They Express Their Love

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags agd author:guitar_hero_matt gttm playable rated speedrun tileset
Created 2008-10-12
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 14 people.
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Description Ive decided to make a series of playable tilesets for now, tell me if I should make more based on how good this is. RCE, post agds or speedruns if you want. Ill try experimenting with loads of different styles. Rate on looks and playability, not enemies or w/e, dont mark it down because i ahvent put any in. Use/abuse/credit if you want as well.

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Thanks :P

But tbh, I dont think this was one of my better visual ideas. The overall complexity of the structure seems to clash with the simple shapes imo. Its like drawing a stick man on photoshop :P
The looks off this map scores a 4+ at my place. :)
Here, Ive tried to make it so the tileset is a single, attractive theme without diversion, rather than the tilesets that get pieced together with the gameplay as in regular maps. I guess its kind of an odd distinction :P

fun AGD

playable tileset ? a map...

Enemies arent always needed...
I just finished off the last column on nReality and there were a LOT of maps near the end I thought would have been better without enemies (a lot in the 180 column were total shit... but no enemies could have helped a few).
As for this map... ehh I dont feel like playing it because it looks like 3am perp. jumps. But its a tileset anyway so... 4/5 Although the object placement (what little there is) isnt very good.


Pretty cool tiles.
Awesome jumps.
I already rate it, like 3 hours ago.
Therefore: 3.


Demo Data


Demo Data


575aved, it's an exellent map
And they completely cocked the map up. Hence I decided to omit them.


Demo Data

"its bad without enemies seeing as the jumps are easy. It makes an O.K high scoring map, and is very aesthetically pleasing. Considering you left it without enemies, I will give it a 3. I suppose a few lasers couldn't hurt.

i wouldve liked a gauss or two.

easy, very

but fun.
Tiles look extremely good.


its fine without enemies seeing as the jumps are difficult. It makes a good high scoring map, and is very aesthetically pleasing. Considering you left it without enemies, I will giver it a 4.5 and round up. I suppose a few mines couldn't hurt. But they would have to be placed very well.


Golded. Easy, calm atmosphere.
Demo Data
its fun enough without enemies

Pretty nice :)

mediumish agd
Demo Data
Just present the enemy version in your next map.
This one is cool with only the tileset. 4
I'm not so good at these kind of maps. :D


So, should I add enemies or not?

too much fun.

just too much