Part III: Mysteries of a Cave.

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player ep-mappack ep-riobe playable rated
Created 2008-10-13
Last Modified 2008-10-30
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description I really liked how this map turned out. click the tag ep-riobe to find the rest. I really like how you just barely dodge the floorguard. Anyways RCE!

Edit: Riobe helped me spice this level up. We came to a conclusion that the WHOLE mappack will be a collab (well except the first one).

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And the only one.
Demo Data

I liked it alot.

Erik these types of maps are really fun and you should continue this series.

Demo Data

@ toasters

Yes I did. I wanted to clean out my maps.

Pretty cool

Very freefrom imo, perhaps too much so? Nah, 4.


the layout is great, but the mines made it even more cramped than it already is
on a side note, did you delete all your unrated maps?

too cramped.

i did like the aesthetics and the tileset, but the map was too cramped. the tileset really didn't allow much fun gameplay. 3.5/5 rounded up because of the authors (unfairly)
I like this.

Flows well

Sort of a two path thing going on. I liked it, great combination with the floorguard and rocket launcher.


flows pretty well

but some mines were useless. The map was too quiet for me, a zap drones would have provided well.

ah clever

All the maps in the series will be a collab between me and riobe so I put that tag.

what does

ep-riobe mean?