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Author holmboy
Tags author:holmboy fun loopy medium playable race rated
Created 2008-10-15
Last Modified 2008-10-15
by 6 people.
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Description This is my second map and my first race map. It's short and not very good, but I like it, and think it's alright considering it's my first race. I tried to keep it simple, mostly loops, the usual. Hope you like it.

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But pretty good.
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"could you leave a comment telling me how to improve flow and overall race-ness."

Really I just took it step by step. I made a loop, then made a mental note of where my character went, and continued making the race. If it didn't work just right, I adjusted it until it did.

Also, I didn't start with a basic idea of the map, I just started with the jump in the top-right corner, and continued from there until the map space was full.

Thanks for the rating and comment.


i can't beleive this is only your first race! my first (and only) race is crap. could you leave a comment telling me how to improve flow and overall race-ness.
very nice job
Some elements are a little basic but the foundation is solid. Good flow and interesting course. 4
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