Around the Bend

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Author Grapefruit
Tags author:grapefruit playable rated tileset
Created 2008-10-15
Last Modified 2008-10-15
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description tileset, credit if used please

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After playing all of your maps, this is my favorite one. It has inspired me to make something like it


finished my map.
"Journey of a Lifetime"!


but this wont suit my needs its too cramped :/

thank you


Not bad

looks pretty nice.

no offense

but id rather meta_ing. use it, but he doesnt want to.. but u can use it i guess..

I'll use it!

I'll use it! it is pretty cool. 4/5

Pretty good

It looks pretty tech-ish. It has potential too, and I see some good spots for possible drone pathing. (among other things) 3.5/5. Keep it up, with practice, I believe you might turn out to be a good tileset maker.


i might use it.. maybe