Arkantos 12: The Guardian

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Author blackwolf84
Tags author:blackwolf84 playable race unrated
Created 2005-09-25
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Map Data

Description "Finally! We have gotten inside the gates! Now we must bring these sword bearers to the temple," Arkantos shouted with glee.
"This is a big city, are you sure we can make it?" asked Amanra.
"Well, we could make it there but this seems to be a very prosperous city. We could get there and take their gold!" said Ajax.
"We'd be better off just getting there," Chiron said wisely.
"Only time can tell," Arkantos told them.

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A nice addition to the series


The series continues! 4/5!


Yeah, it's a good race map slightly hard but nice.


All gold

Oh yeah! Defeated Kemsyt's army!
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