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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags 150 action author:guitar_hero_matt floorchasers rated variety
Created 2008-10-16
Last Modified 2008-10-16
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Spent absoulely ages on this map, so everything should be great. Highscorers welcome, and please dont ignore like my other maps. This is my 150th so far :P And it took me more time to make these 50 than it did the last hundred, which is a good sign imo. Deds to my favorite Neditors....

Splinter: Coz hes just awesome :)
Lightning55: Coz he asked for a ded after highscoring my last map
Eganic: Because Nicky is cooler than ever after him
Riobe: Great Race Maker, comments on my maps a lot
Hand of God: Seems to love almost every map I make :)
Crescor: Pretty cool at everything
Destiny: Another great race maker
Autosurfer: Comments a lot, and makes some cool maps

Ill add more when I get round to it. For now, Njoy :P

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The old GTM. Back when he was a newb! hhahaa.aa

my AGD

150 maps in two months!!!
ive been here since the 45000's and ive got 350 or something. I was going to say 'only' there, but one cant have only 300 maps.. . nice map btw. The tiles are pretty cool
Demo Data

Just about

everything after the first rocket was really really fun. These levels usually piss me off. This one was just really fun.
4.5 …(aved)


although theres nothing down there, i love how you could access the empty space and do whatever the heck you feel like doing there because you can!

i relly liked

the tile style (hee hee) the flow and not-flow go together so well. my only problem with this map is slight enemy piling at times. 5, though agree with crescor, i do.
when you get a ded for something unrelated to maps. thanks G-ham :)
otherwise I liked the 1 ways and AGD was surprisingly easy 4/5


A super jump is a special jump off a bouncepad that is next to a wall. If you do it at the top you will get all 3 bits of gold in one go instead of hitting the block or getting only 2. My latest demo however shows you can just jump off the bounceblock with a little luck... so it wouldnt make so much difference. I only mention it because I did it once as a fluke :p Check Atilla's last training map if you dont know the move I mean.


spudz' route was faster :p

agd - 1091 / 122.725
Demo Data


very addicting!

I managed to go through them at just enough speed to wall jump of the left wall and get both golds without jumping again, I was that lucky with the momentum :P

woo! awesome!

Me that is, obviously. The map is 'pretty good' but I wasnt wild about the enemies... a solid 4/5

agd - 1318 / 117.050

I can do about a second and a bit faster... but it requires a super jump :o
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I quite like it.

Was pretty fun through out, but then again it was rather boring.



I'm four months old and have 35 maps (LOL). PM sent. Check it out.


Yeah, Im officially almost 2 months old. ZOMG!


Happy 150th! You're old. :D
Demo Data

Oh, and

Happy 150th map! (Click the tag, there's more)

Idea = d[o,o]d

Map itself = Bland.

Bit boring

The tiles were ugly too.
Just my opinion, I give 3

Thanks for ded!

Excellent map, perhaps too bad of unused space, but that's discussable.


exellent map. 4aved