Which is which?

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Author Etz
Tags action author:etz bounceblocks mines rockets simple unrated
Created 2008-10-16
Last Modified 2008-10-16
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description I wanna run away,
never say goodbye.
I wanna know the truth,
instead of wondering why.
I wanna know the answers,
no more lies.
I wanna shut the door,
and open up my mind.

Throw in some fast agds.

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thanks for commenting and voting


Simple and great. I liked the rockets.. Well, I always like them. 5/5 and Faved.

The best AGD I could get-

Will someone challenge me? :(
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Not an AGD

but this is quite fun. 4.
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You should be able to beat this.
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