Basic 08-2

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated utopian
Created 2008-10-16
Last Modified 2008-10-16
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Please check out Plain [].

I venture to bet I probably will barely get any attention like my last map if N-Art is present.

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Its an open pathway

because for some people, it is easier. It is totally optional, and it would be much easier with the trapdoor.

Its okay.

That trapdoor is kinda useless though.
Lol. Pretty solid stuff here, a bit basic but, hey. :P 3.5 up


sniped. Used to be a 3, 2 more ratings, one is a 4, the other must be a snipe. I forgive you RedSham. Thanks for apologizing, now I'm sorry for advertising.

i liked it


sorry for hogging up hot maps page.

Demo Data

It was meant

as a relaxer map. I felt at peace playing this map. The zap drone room does seem bland, but that was for tough AGDers. The most Ive gotten in that room is all but 5 pieces. The trap door was optional because it would make it easier to get the exit switch, or if you wanted to rocket by and let the rocket go around, that was fine also. I guess you could say this map is versatile, trying to satisfy all types of players.


It was good, but I didn't like this one as much as standard. The game play in the zap drone room wasn't great, in my opinion, and I felt little incentive to go for all the gold. (In that room anyway)

Still, there were some good parts to this map, such as the optional trapdoor switch, (which, if you got it, would cause you to get a slightly slower demo) as well getting the gold by the gauss. Overall, 3/5.

Not an AGD.
Demo Data
but I believe we are here to play, not look at pictures. An image here and there is nice, but it shouldn't be drawing all the attention from actual playable maps. N-arts are overrated. There are maybe one or two really good N-arts. The last one that hogged up the top of the hot maps page was not one of those.