0-1: StepUp

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Author Why_Me
Tags action author:why_me playable rated
Created 2008-10-16
Last Modified 2008-10-16
by 5 people.
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Description -And so it continues-

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Awesome map.

Love all the different routes. Here's the quickest I could manage for an AGD.
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I think my way might be faster except for the end, that was a little awkward.
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I think this route works pretty well. Improvable demo.
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I found

it lifeless. The transitions are stock and the placement is very obvious. The non linear aspects are good, but the play feels stilted.

2/5, imo.
It is very metanetish, and there are numerous fast and slow possible routes. The game play is also good, and the enemies work well where they are. 4.5/5 and favorited.

I have a good route but for some reason the game keeps slowing down near the exit so I'll have it soon.

I liked this.

Very fun :]

A slow

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