Aerial Architects

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags author:guitar_hero_matt clouds gttm lightning playable rated tileset
Created 2008-10-18
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description A city flying through clouds of lightning and determination towards space. Another playable tileset, I seem to enjoy making these atm. Please RCE on the imagery moreso then the gameplay, as first and foremost its a tileset. But imo its still fun to play, even if the lasers are cheap. Trust me, they were better than the other enemy choices >_< :P

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of many different tile styles

gold is also arousing
I've seen much better, but I assume this is your first.

*agrees with ultCult*
was something similar in concept in one of the episodes?

one of the bests.

Nice tileset.


Also A+

For putting up with CNEPr's idiocy.


For thematic consistency.

Well done.

that you and certain other Nmap makers posess that grants incredible tile usage skills? Amazing, although the laser drones would have been better as something else. You're right, the gausses don't work, It is better with nothing there. In case I didn't mention. 5/5.
love the tiles
Demo Data


got SLOTTED!!!

Take that, you Nazi!

Could have sworn

I already put an AGD here.
Demo Data

It is beatable

If you actually have some skill. I beat it during playtesting... whether its beetable or not I dont know, as I didnt have any beets on me at the time.


fucking gay make a map that u can beet


Flawless =) Reminds me of a poster I have . . Like it very much


Thanks :P
but this is my absolut favourite tileset so far on NUMA
awesome work <3

the play is not bad


This is pretty fun. The tiles are stylish and original. Keep it up.

Demo Data


maybe if u raised the top 2 clouds up the bottem would be smoke top would be reg clouds?
but gold almost looked spammed but wasnt (weird)
i like it

Yea, sorry :)

Not my thing. I understand that a lot of effort has gone into it, but tome it doesn't look nice.


I guess everyone has different styles. From looking at UltCults maps, yeah, he wouldnt like this :P

Nice tileset

I'll rate on tiles.


Congrats to you sniper, your snipe only gave it one more rate. The thing about sniping is, you need to rate the maps without ratings so that you actually make a difference. Nice job failing. :P

Thanks Lightning

Its a shame we're in different timezones, you always seem to post your good maps when Im asleep :P
in the top right. A bit much gold as a map. 5-.5(gold)=4.5^

Lovely tiles

They are really bloody good.

Although the gameplay was a little lacking, I do love the tiles.

And they sucked balls. Seriously, it was piss annoying with those. Its meant to be fairly slow paced at the top; how fast could you go when climbing a rocket moving at a gazillion miles per hour? And going in the clouds would practically drown the atmosphere imo. But your point is well taken :P

love the tileset

i think it would be good if you could get inside the clouds. imo gauses would work better than lasers cos lasers slow it down a bit too much. needs a bit of tweaking to be genuinely "playable".
Or at least they arent meant to be. Theyre just regular, fluffy wet clouds.
but the rocketship itself is pretty nice.




And it mostly still is, I hardly changed anything to fit some gameplay in. The only reason I did it was it was wonderfully atmospheric to climb up imo, and the lightning was cool and ironic :P
just a tileset 5


i like flying things