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Author Amazing_Slug
Tags author:amazing_slug flowalicious fun great playable race rated
Created 2008-10-18
Last Modified 2008-10-20
by 5 people.
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Description Here is a race! It flows great, but the enemies dont do much!

I tried to make it as long as possible without making it boring. I hope i succeeded!

Rate & Comment & most of all, Enjoy!

See my completion demo if you get lost!

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yeah nice one
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Super fun!!!

This was a great race, I never beat a race but I beat this one, it was hard, took me like 20 tries, but I beat it! It was super flowy, nice usage of space and close calls, excellent work 5/5

Nice use of space

flow wasnt so bad either - you should make more. I would say that you should try to improve on aesthetics.
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I removed the rocket since it was causing too much deaths=(

Pretty nice flow...

this rocket actually kills me every single time and there's nothing I can do :P (see demo)
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keksit ton nimen? se on jotenki omaperänen.
First I was like "ZOMG I REMEMBER THIS 8)" but I didn't.. :<
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I moved it

But the point of that rocket was that you have to go so fast it cant react :)
fires when you get to the gauss at the bottom right. I couldn't get past that. Otherwise, I loved it. 4/5.

I keep sploding

Move the rocket at the top just a swidget down, and one rocket follows you into the bounce pad reverse thing, so i would suggest a loop. NR

Here's the demo!

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