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Author Grapefruit
Tags author:grapefruit dda fun-to-look-at fun-to-watch rated
Created 2008-10-19
Last Modified 2008-10-19
by 14 people.
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Description sorry if overused means of propulsion are used but its my first

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Demo Data
The launchpad near that rocket launcher on the bottom glitched. By the way, I agree with everyone else. Too many launchpads and almost no close calls.
then tell me launchpad propulsion doesn't work.

basically, use whatever propulsion you want, but the whole goal is to have as many close calls as possible. it's all about the close calls. it doesn't matter what propulsion you use (although it's a good idea to vary it), it just matters that you have tons of close calls. focus on it. keep working!
you->your (in the title)
exceting->exciting (in the second line of the body)
but there's room for improvement.
First of all, try not to use so many trapdoors for blocking enemies - it just makes the DDA less exceting later on.
Second of all, the trapdoors on the left side of the map used gold delay rather ineffectively - you should place the trapdoor switch slightly higher, and then you won't need gold delay there at all.
Also, the enemies weren't used very effectively - some of them rarely fired, and you really seemed to be concentrating more on the propulsion and moving the ninja around the map than on getting close calls, because most of the time, the ninja was just moving around the map, seeming to ignore the enemies.
Try to vary your propulsion more, too. I know it's difficult at first (I've experienced that myself), but you mostly used launchpads in this DDA, which should only be used to get a close call that cannot be gotten in any other way. There are eight propulsion methods that I can think of right now: Launchpad propulsion, trapdoor propulsion, bounceblock propulsion, thwump propulsion, tile propulsion, locked door propulsion, glitched door propulsion, and glitched tile propulsion. The first four of those are the ones most commonly used. This [] guide explains most of them, but you can always ask me if you need any help.
with a demo showing how easy it is


Way too many trap doors and hardly used for propulsion. Hardly any close calls. Not very fun or exciting. Too many trampolines.

cool for a first

nice style

didnt like it

too many launch pads
too slow
not many close calls
u get a 2/5



Cheated AGD

Demo Data

sorry toasters

:( i aim to please, but i failed, im a failure
followed a path, but truthfully I didn't see many close calls at all, and towards the end it became just a bunch of propulsion

thats what i was

going for hoohah, thanks :)
wouldnt expect any kind of dda from this kind of tileset, but uve done it!




*close calls



there were a number of great first calls


didnt like the cheated death, great first dda though


amazing first dda!!