Drug Flowers

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-09-26
Last Modified 2005-09-26
by 24 people.
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Description Well, after getting quite annoyed at NUMA and many of the people who used it, I stormed off and went to spain, where, due to a small portal in the space- time contiunium, I inadvertedly almost started an apocalypse, before a bunch of pirates rescued me from the...

But I ramble off topic. Here's a new map, after a long break. It's not hard, though all gold may pose something of a challenge, and the difficulty decreases (I hope) throughout the level.


(Oh- and, by the way, the tileset is meant to look somewhat crazy... drugged out, one might say, whilst at the same time flowery.)

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Pansy Under the Influence



and a completion shortly after
Demo Data


this map is my fave. 5/5 for sure.

demo of the top section cos i love this route...
Demo Data


I gave a 5/5 and it's still so low.

Your room based maps are seriously playable, addictive and quite frankly brilliant to a silly degree.

Forget the rating, man, listen to the people here!

Damn, who rated it down to 3.5 =C
*Gets out sniper rifle to snipe the sniping snipers*


Crazy tilest = Good tileset
That's what I learned.
I loved the first two parts' tilesets.
It's also addictive, because there's different kinds of gamestyle every time you enter into another room. 4.5.


I can't seem to get past the last mine in the curved section, so no demo for now.
A little long, especially for all-gold, but I absolutely loved the bottom section with the thwump/gauss. This was very well thought out. 4.5

very nice

it was surprisingly fun