04~4: Damnation

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt dronepaths featured gtmap-pack gtmspecial rated seeker-drones
Created 2008-10-21
Last Modified 2009-01-04
by 48 people.
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Description Two Seeker Drones. You Will Hate Them. RCE

Oh, and its the debut of my imaging career too.

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Oh, and this is now also part of my recent map-pack. Thought it had the right length and aesthetic to fit in, so here it is.

This map was featured on 2008-10-26

The description of Damnnation reads "Two Seeker Drones. You Will Hate Them." And you seriously will.

That is not to say that this map is difficult, but the two drones patrol the lower segment of this deceptively closed map with a steely determination, and will change directions when you least expect it. Very frustrating. Very addictive.

The top section plays like a completely different beast: it is much calmer, and I feel that these two extremes, in this situation, work in perfect harmony. But don't get too complacent, those gaps are still big enough for drones, as well as ninjas... — TheAdster

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I swear I played this before. Oh wait, edited? Of course...


This map is Godly.



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Excellent 5/5
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oh thanks

and what is a reviewer?
But I do go to high-school? Unless you live in the UK ur out of luck. And lol, 100th comment on my map :)


hey uh matt? umm...are you in high school? like...if you know what hangman is then this is the matt i know who is obsessed with guitar hero :) if not...well your still cool lol


the tileset of a contraption on wheels.

this is great. 4.5^/faved.
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Congrats for this one GMH!
It's true, I was expecting a feature from you!


37 comments since I posted my AGD, and it still stands. I know it can be done faster.

Nice map

But sadly, Guitar Hero Mat's style never seems to really appeal to me. The gameplay feels uneven, one moment sterile and empty, and the next overly crowded in an awkward environment, depending on whether the drones follow you.

The two flower constructions look quite cool, but the rest of the tileset is just a rather generic cavern, I'm with Palemoon in wishing you had done something with the empty space because it doesn't work.

Despite all this, the drone routes are well worked and overall it's still plenty of fun, so 3.

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I dide back walking into the back of a seeker once >_<

Go figure. I dodge all the drones, then die by falling.

My first attempt:
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I won

this on the first try. 4
You can find that exact comment on the next page of comments :P


on my first serious try. this map was fun i guess. it would be a five if it wasn't featured, so i'm going to pretend it wasn't.

also, imo, the featuring system is falling apart. maps should have to be about a month old before being eligible for a feature.
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Who have probably ended up hating them for the controversy :P

I did not hate them

I only died on the level once, because I didn't know where the ninja was
I said you'd hate them. Was I right? Yes! You've ended up hating them :P

Those drones

I didn't think they were annoying at all

Of course

If a professional player plays this, obviously the seeker drones are controllable and become much less of an issue.
What I meant in the description is they kept going where you didnt want them to go, such as in the top area. I thought that, since in the average run a drone could easily enter the top area, I didnt want to make the gauss too tricky incase it became a seemingly random difficulty spike.

You overestimate your skills as a map maker if you think those drones are annoying.
The start was annoying, the seeker drones were awkward, I am not a fan of that gold placement style, and the gauss felt neutered.
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This is pretty awesome advertising for your fractals too ;)
"You're too slow!"
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Thanks ..

Lol i refreshed the page just then and your comment said 1 sec ago .. talk about good timing

Yeah sure

I just realised it looked kinda like your avatar :P


can i use this tileset but edit it ... "ALOT" just use it to start of the tiles ... i can credit you also if you want

Dead_N ownz all

I played this map before, loved it.
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Crescor got owned :P


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i knew you would get a feature soon matt
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First try.

I don't find the drones annoying. Am I doing it wrong?
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