Thwumps & Rockets 10-0

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable unrated utopian
Created 2008-10-21
Last Modified 2008-10-21
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Map Data

Description Level 2 will be gauss & floorguards
Level 3 will be zaps & seekers
Level 4 will be lasers and chainguns
Level 5, I will try to incorporate one of every enemy to finish off the map pack.

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Not bad...

Pretty good gameplay, altho getting past the opening one ways is more difficult than it looks... 3.5 up

I love the thwumps

but not the rockets.
it's kinda long, but i love how you have to use teh thwumps to continue the map. 3.5/5............^

Last episode

it isnt supposed to be easy.


*agrees with eganic*
and 4 sounds abit risky considering lazor slows everything down and chaingun speeds it all up
oh and 3/5 on the map, some parts a bit to tricky and the jump up the first tunnel is awkward

level 5 idea

sounds risky how about no enemies? use your knowledge of tiles to make an excellent jumper? or mines those arent really enemies :P