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Author sTalkR
Tags action author:stalkr puzzle race rated
Created 2008-10-21
Last Modified 2008-10-21
by 12 people.
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Description seriously, this is my masterpiece. i can't do any better than this. can i AT LEAST get some criticism, or one/two demos? 'cause if this gets ignored like my past few maps, i have no clue how i'm ever gonna be able to improve my reputation in this community.

anyway, enough whining, the map:
i guess the hardest part lays in figuring out the route, and then executing it fast enough. 'cause fast is the one thing you'll have to be to beat this map. but i think for the more advanced players that won't really be a problem.
kind of a mix between puzzle/ race/ action.


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very good

...but needs work. The flow is very artificial.

Not sure

about the masterpiece bit, but it's definitely excellent. And I don't agree with BionicCryonic at all.


Still warrants atention though. 3.5 up

the tileset

was nice. the flow was forced.
about the ignored part.


what's so special about this? forced gameplay, which at the end kind've falls apart, drone path isn't that creative...

it's good, but it's not great, and the concept has been done much better, bottom line.

also, this isn't comparable to frogs' stuff. not even close.


it is a masterpiece

nice demo

i guess the exit placement is kinda suboptimal =).


Demo Data

a little hard

but the drone mechanics were quite nice

it was like

there was a flow, and if you followed it you got the first few, but then you the rest were off track


@ hoohah

what do you mean by 'visually in the right order'? i think the most fun lays in figuring out that right order. if i just lined them up from left to right, it would've been boring. in case that's not what you meant, would you mind explaining it a little more? (i'm german, you know... =D)
BC, if this is your honest opinion, i accept that, although i dont think the rockets or gausses hindered the gameplay in any way. but if this is just 'revenge' for my comment (which wasnt meant in a bad way at all, by the way), it's kind of a cheap shot.


Very frogs-esque. I'm glad (for you) that you realized you hit your peak. I peaked years ago yet still pinch out a map every couple days.
u no, like visually in the right order

but i love it still 4.5/5^

oh, and faved

Good idea.

Bad implementation. Good be a bit slower, the rockets were to close to the switches, and the guass was slightly hard to work with. 2/5


in case you need it.
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