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Author stepself
Tags action author:stepself bitesized episodic lasers playable rated tunnels
Created 2005-09-26
Last Modified 2007-06-24
by 28 people.
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Description Level 06-1 from my episodes. Completion is trivial, so I will accept no less than all-gold! The laser drones won't make that easy though.

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5 and fav

slow agd
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here is data
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Now you listen here legendary creators of 'N' this is the map we want on the next version of N.
2 for the tileset alone
1 for the perfect positioning of laser drones and mines.
1.5 for the simplistic but brilliant greed factor, which I definitely fell for
and 0.5 for the ridiculously hilarious title 5/5
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Clean, simple, superfun.


Preeeteee good. I'm glad there's a new top rated map. I'm seriously so sick of the DDAs being top rated. I think they should have their own catagory instead of All Maps


Well. It was alright!
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Yo!!! 5.0

stepself you are one of the best map makers in NUMA!!!


awesome tileset and great level 4.5/5


I think you should expand on the theme a bit.
Maybe add different kinds of enemies or make a larger-sized map with this theme.

All gold, first go.

Brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT stuff here! Simply fantastic! As in, fantastically brilliant! 5/5 for sure.

Awesome level. Truly awesome.
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but im so slow! dang.. well nice map, its fun getting all gold.


I liked it. 4/5. Deciding which path is better for all gold is fun.

wow (revisited)

I title too many of my posts with wow, but I don't care, the point is, this map is good, CRAZY good. I hope the newbs whos maps I slaughter with my sharp tongue and vicious ratings can learn something from this map. I'm not mean to everyone, just those who post crap where they should be posting maps. This gets a 5/5 for originality, tileset, flow, great placement, and a funny, yet fitting, title.

All gold

Fairly Fast.
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Funniest stuff ever. 5 out of 5, because the level is as fun as the title is profoundly hilarious and mentally vexing.

I'm also kind of stoned.

My Demo

All gold
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My all-gold
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