Laser Drones & Chaingun Drones 10-3

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated utopian
Created 2008-10-23
Last Modified 2008-10-23
by 6 people.
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Description Ah, the nice tunneled play. Looks puzzlish and plays kind of puzzlish. Yeah, it has teleporters, but harder/easier than it looks. AGD isn't much tougher than completion, well, maybe it is. RCE.

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they're a bit too basic, maybe they were intended for the map. still, it was pretty fun to play, so 4/5.
But some parts are purely action. You have to lure the lasers into firing at certain places. You have to predict when and where they will fire. You can also somewhat make them shoot where. It is puzzley because you really have no where to run if you make a mistake.

@Rdy-kun: Actually, this map pack traces from my noobish beginnings to complicated maps now. You can see my development in mapmaking. There are also many styles and things I try to do, not to mention a temporary pause to my thwump challenges.

@GHM: I really don't get where there are pathing mistakes. They seemed fine whenever I play them.


seem very puzzley to me IMO (3.5 rounded down)

Its fun

Goddamn those chainguns though.
I'd say about 2k-3.8k frames. It is also mostly puzzle.


Some obvious pathing mistakes. TRhat said, good idea, goes pretty well. But really, really long. 3.5 down. Also, check out mine and God's Reaper's collab minejumper, itll be on hotmaps soon.

Not that I'm complaining. They are fun. :3



I changed my avatar cause I'd been meaning to for AGES, but if you liked the older one better, I'll change it back. :P

And sheesh, are you aiming to make the most masochistic level pack ever? I still haven't gotten to the FIRST exit of Floorguard Guassing Impossible. :P This one isn't so hard, but it is insanely long that I groan in frustration when my finger slips. :(

Its puzzly isnt it

I loved the tileset too. I was planning to just release the tileset, but then I thought, "man, lasers and chainguns would work pretty well there, and I have to make a laser+chaingun map..."


kinda long but I like it, 4/5, love the blocky tiles, not becouse they are blocky jsut becouse they are cool.
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