Le Disko

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Author sTalkR
Tags author:stalkr doorjumper rated
Created 2008-10-26
Last Modified 2008-10-26
by 9 people.
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has this been done before? probably. i still like it. a lot, actually. there are some tricky parts, but all in all it shouldn't be too hard.

oh, and please no speedruns :P

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Demo Data

im sorry

but someone's got to :P right?
did get agd but not on recording.
map been done before but i like this one.
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i still reckon he likes it
and i still cant do this
im a bicycle to to anymore - im two tyred/too tired to do anymore
it's the beginning of the song the title refers to (song by shiny toy guns, btw).
...running down your face razor sharp, razor clean
feel the weapon's sensation on your back...
with loaded guns

awesome song =)
Cuz when he likes maps, he mostly start to comment in nonsense, that's what atob told me.



My second try

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Hey StalkR

Mind checking out my latest map? Its still on hot maps, and Ive tried a serious minejumper for practically the first time.
g_r. oO you guys are posting faster than i can answer. i guess that's a good thing though...
very nice demo, magirocker. you came pretty close to losing sometimes though =)
and rozer... keep trying, remember you're a master of N xDD

and dont forget to rate guys^^


you didnt go for the gold though xD


strangly tense despite there being no enemies
im sweating!!
oh wait.. heaters on :P
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This has been done before, but I think it was executed very nicely, 5
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i got close

Demo Data
but i wanna see some demos =)
when the doors open
Doors are better than mines cos they're bigger.

And uglier.


Its a pretty nice doorjumper imo. 4

oh well...

you might as well play it although it's not THAT innovative =)
and thank you, e_s


looks awesome.