Should I Stay or Should I Drone

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris playable race rated
Created 2005-09-27
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description If I stay there will be trouble
If I drone there will be double!
Should I stay or should I drone?

(Fastest demo = Buddha for a week)
(Slower demos = eh)
(Comments = sweetness)
(Playing my last few maps = advisable, for your sake)
(Listening to this song = not advisable)
(Why such a stupid name = I... uh... shut up!)

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Or maybe...

a whole 42 frames ;) Non-FBFed.
Very fun level, at first glance it looks very hard indeed, but it isn't with timing. Very good. 4aved
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I think it can't be improved anymore. Maybe a single frame.
Demo Data

Just for the Buddha

I will post this. Its 91.025, and 439 frames.
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Demo Data


i ownzzorz these drones. 447 frames.
Demo Data

First time

Im going for Daddalums score.
Demo Data
I is the win.

Go ahead. Steal my route. Beat me by a frame or two. Just let it be remembered that I came in here when you guys were all happy with just a slightly sub 700 score, squabbling over a few frames here and there.

And then comes the big D, crashing the party with his 507.

Oh, and this is a great map. 5/5

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Demo Data

Faster Demo

Just barely.
Demo Data


Pretty fast demo too :)
This gets 4.5 from me, I love this map.
Demo Data
You probably have the best levels here. They're all so unique. A lot of maps by other amazing map-makers have really great levels, but they all look the same and have no... how should I put this... 'Gimmick'.

You give me inspiration. I might start making another level.

i like..

pretty unique

I love you!

Not really, but hey I love your maps.
Amongst the sea of newbish failures, one stands tall.
Blue Tetris, lord of N, can pwn them all.
I cause much anger with my harsh, but truthful voice.
Blue Tetris, your brand of map, is my preferred choice.
Too bad im too lost in City of Heroes to do anything but comment lol, maybe I'll submit something new, eventually...
BTW 4.5/5


Didn't lag on my computer at all. And it's 800mHz...
You people aren't getting the best outta your processor =P


Didn't lag on my computer, which is new and full to bursting with hyperspace technology,(not trying to brag).
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Fast demo

*gets into meditative state*
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Demo Data