65-2: Aghwee the Sky Monster

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags action author:cucumber_boy kk playable rated
Created 2008-10-30
Last Modified 2008-10-30
by 13 people.
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Description I made a map with an uber cool tileset. Am tileset I envisioned after I saw it.

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I really liked this map after only the second time I played it. 4aved
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interesting, but not extreme. kinda boring in bits, but it made for frantic play if you went hard at it, and it was easily doably at a meandering pace. slow-ass all gold. always liked this style of tiles.
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this is the closest map I can think of from zenith: []


very fun and addicting--not hard. faved. i like your maps.
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neat map!

you can do sum neat jumps with those tile ;)

All gold demo.

I've seen a tile set in the same vein as this one in one of the Legacy packs.
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you need

the door...
what makes all your maps brilliant.

this one's a tad easy; some thwumps in the middle would've been a good challenge.

still this is great for highscoring, so 5aved.
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The door

is uneeded. Actually makes it tedious. Very good map otherwise. Very laid back and fun. Sorta minimalistic in my eyes for your use of certain objects in certain places. Definitely good.


I really like it

4aved, nice


hm fun that double thwump thing at the beginning was cool 4
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